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    All-in-one Canon Inkjet printers are suitable for home, business, school, and others to improve productivity. is a website to download Canon printer drivers, you can also visit website for same.
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    protection indicates the type of protection that will be used for the network key. Select the option if you doubt WPA + WPA.
    WiFi password enter in this field the password that will be used to connect to the wireless
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    Wireless password Specify here the network key to be used during the connection.
    WPS By activating this switch, you can use the fast connection without entering a password between the router and other compatible devices with this technology. If you do not use it, you can Disable Set this setting, also for security reasons.
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    SSID name Specify in this text box the name assigned to the WiFi network.
    encryption here you need to specify the security standard that will be applied to the network. If in doubt, I advise you to choose the WPAPSK option.

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    Once you get to the welcome screen of the device, enter the user name and password to access the modem within the proposed module: if you have never changed these values ​​before, the combinations you need to enter may be admin / admin or admin / password.

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